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4 steps to participate in Virginia Woolf Project

ViWoP was born to give you voice! Find out how to participate in the Virginia Woolf Project in 4 simple steps by telling your story

A mother lost, a mother found

‘A mother lost, a mother found’ and the return to a jealous, narcissistic land “who denies bread” in Angela Mancuso’s story. Sicily, 2020

“Forced to leave school to serve the brothers”

“Mamma Maria, forced to leave school, was considered a rebel because she was unwilling to serve the men of the house” diary of Franchina Tresoldi, artist, Lodi (Italy)

Virginia Woolf Project is born to give you voice

June 20, 1906: Virginia Woolf paints with words the condition of the women of the time. And she leaves us with the same task. That of not being “one of the many women crowded in the shadows”. Find out how… Continue Reading →

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